Blue and Magenta - Hemlock and Oleander
Often times, our perspective and the stereotypes that make up society make people believe things that are not real. This leads to a misperception of others. Here, I try to show a representation of the man and the woman that does not fit the society. Here I return to the famous phrase "Pink for girls, blue for boys" as well as the symbolism of flowers, considered mainly decorative.
The "Hemlock" and the "Oleander" are the names of the flowers that accompany the characters in the background of these paintings. Although both flowers are very poisonous, they are still often found in gardens. We see them as "beautiful" items. I play with the contrast between what you think about a harmless decorative element and the hidden truth of an element that is more dangerous than you think. I also reflect on the color that society has assigned us in the name of our gender and the images that designate how a human body should be, images that marginalize diversity. The prejudice.

Nantes, France 2017-2018
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